Videotrailer: Stephan Samuel

The world has been turned on its head. … Lessons in thinking wildly. A stream that is astonishingly successful. Even through the lens of a camera, the performers create a fantastic presence, captivating and dizzying, like in the very best scenes of Hitchcock.

Dorte Lena Eilers, Theater der Zeit

A well made production, with great live music and performances. Wonderful!

Hendrik Schröder, inforadio

It really isn’t easy being in a body that say “yes”, but also “maybe” at the same time. Vertigo means dizziness - the uncertain ground you end up stumbling all over when you try to relate to others. In Vertigo, people who are purported to be autistic describe themselves and their options for expression. An examination of inner spaces and their periphery with a rap in between, with dance and beat boxing or a manga superhero. The myth of autism: while YOU stare at what is wrong with us, we look to see what is different about THEM. A seriously relaxed breakbeat oratorio of existence.


Videotrailer: Stephan Samuel

There is an audio description for this performance. Listen to the introduction of the audio description here.

Before the audio description there is a haptic access tour. It starts at 7 pm. We meet in the foyer of the theater. If you need a pick-up service from the subway station, please call Silke Stuck at 0178 1848070.



By and with:
Max Edgar Freitag, Frank Schulz
Live Music:
Alexander Maulwurf, Louis Edler
Stage Design:
Isolde Wittke
Graphic Design Spiral:
Dirk Lebahn
Costume Design:
Pablo Alarcón
Lighting Design:
Katri Kuusimäki
Gerd Hartmann
Directed by:
Gerd Hartmann
Assistant Director:
Silvie Chauvet, Wolfgang Ullrich
Holger Duhn
Audio Description Creation:
Elena Jansen, Evelyn Sallam
Audio Description Editorial:
Rahel Wusterack
Audio Description Voice:
Elena Jansen
Dramatic Advice Audio Description:
Nele Tippelmann
Sound Design:
Klaus Altenmüller
Szenenfoto einer Auffuehrung: Ein Mann schaut eine Puppe an auf einer Buehne
Copyright: David Baltzer – Vertigo
Szenenfoto einer Auffuehrung: Zwei Männer sitzen auf Wuerfeln auf einer Buehne.
Copyright: David Baltzer – Vertigo
Szenenfoto einer Auffuehrung: Vier Maenner auf einer Theaterbuehne
Copyright: David Baltzer – Vertigo
Szenenfoto einer Auffuehrung: Ein Mann mit einer Art Lupe auf einer Theaterbühne.
Copyright: David Baltzer – Vertigo


Tickets: 16 € / reduced price 10 €